Silver Eagle Termite & Pest Solutions Services

Rodent elimination

Rodent elimination to eliminate rodents from your home or business with the goal of not allowing them to return in the future. We do not use poisons as rodents can die in a wall or attic or crawl space causing horrible odors and flies and other pests in the home we exclusively used traps to catch rodents and remove them from the structure. Our service includes inspecting the entire structure identifying entry points of rodents and giving a quote to rodent-proof homes not allowing access to the rodents from ever entering the structure again. We also will inspect the entire areas for places that have been contaminated by rodent feces and urine a quote will be given to sanitize these areas with either an antibacterial agent or removal and replacement of existing insulation or vapor barrier in the crawl space. As long as all recommendations are followed we give a 100% warranty to get rid of all the rodents

Termites and all other wood destroying organism

Termites and all other wood destroying organism treatments. We have service treatment plans for all types of termites and other wood destroying pests; powder post beetles, wood borer beetles, mold, fungus and so forth. We use the latest technology and the finest products on the market. Today are treatment application are extremely less invasive than old methods other companies use. We exclusively use foam in all of our treatment plans with far superior results. Our injection system is much less noticeable than other methods, the product we use kills the entire colony of termites not just some of them. We can guarantee our work for a full two years and offer an extended warranty plan.

(Wood Destroying Organisms) W D O pest inspections

Real estate companies, we do WDO pest inspections. Treatments for termites and all other wood destroying organisms, wood repair and replacement. We welcome all escrow accounts we will inspect and treat any termite or WDO service within 48 Hours of getting your call. Our goal is to close the deal quickly; we do it all at Silver Eagle. One stop shopping, one call, one check inspection treatments and all construction needs. We eliminate the need to call 3 or 4 contractors. We save time, close fast, so call Silver Eagle. We do it all!

Moisture meter testing

We use state-of-the-art equipment to test all required wood, to check for the percentage of moisture in the wood. Early detection of a high moisture content in wood and save you thousands of dollars and wood replacement and treatments to wood for mold fungus and wood rot. We will inspect for the percentage of the high moisture in the wood and find the corrective measures needed to fix this problem. We also offer wood preservation treatments to reduce the moisture content in wood before it needs to be replaced saving thousands of dollars in potential repairs.

Wood preservation treatments

When wood is found to be structurally sound but either has a high moisture content or mold and fungus or wood rot. Using the latest technology and material we can save your wood from costly replacement. Our wood preservation treatments work far superior to all other wood preservation products. When we inject our products directly into the wood itself it immediately starts removing the moisture with a time release system. The wood preservation material itself is killing the bacteria mold and fungus growing in the wood. We heal your wood back to good healthy wood saving you thousands of dollars in wood replacement. Let us heal your wood don’t replace it. Antibacterial treatments….. We give a 100% guarantee to kill all bacteria and diseases in the areas we treat….

Insulation replacement

We specialize in treating attics and crawl spaces that have been contaminated by animal urine and feces. We give a 100% guarantee to kill all bacteria and diseases in the areas we treat…. We specialize in replacing contaminated insulation, inadequate insulation in attics and crawl spaces. We specialize in installing moisture barriers in crawl spaces and increasing ventilation when necessary. 80% of homes have inadequate ventilation causing extreme moisture in the crawl space area by increasing ventilation and installing a vapor barrier in the crawl space. Energy bills will be lowered, heating/cooling and air quality will improve. Installing a moisture barrier in the crawl space keeps the moisture in the ground not in your subfloor causing bacteria and fungus to grow.

In-House training

We specialize in training food service companies that have pest control problems and have a Pest Control Company that is not getting the job done. We will come into your facility inspect and evaluate the pest problems, we will find an appropriate solution to correct the problem additionally we will train your people in house with our extensive educational program on how to evaluate and eliminate pest problems in your facility. We supply all reading educational material and provide in-house seminars to train your people. Our goal will be to have your key people licensed per all state requirements, how to evaluate and monitor for pest problems, buy materials and pesticides needed to solve problems and eliminate your pest problems. Company’s​ save thousands of dollars a year by doing it themselves and the quality of service is increased dramatically. Outside pest control companies that come into a food-service facility once or twice a month is nowhere near as efficient as people that are in the facility every day and have their eyes on the problem. We have a 100% success rate in teaching companies how to do their own pet control.

Home Improvement and Wood Repair

Since 1984 we have been repairing homes that have wood damage. We also have been remodeling homes making additions and doing all types of construction on the home. There is nothing too big and nothing too small. From repairing wood supports to building additions on homes. We do it all at Silver Eagle insurance claims are welcome.

Do it yourself pest control products.

For over 25 years we have been helping people do it themselves. We help identify which products to buy from us, how to use the products and we share our expertise with you 24/7. We are but a phone call away. We also visit the home when needed if our help is required on site. All products are EPA-Registered for people that cannot afford high price pest control companies or just want to do it themselves. Call Silver Eagle do it yourself pest control products we do it all at Silver Eagle.

Homeowners, Apartment complex and motel owners.

If you currently have bed bug problems and either cannot afford a professional pest control company or are not happy with the one you have now you have an alternative to solve your problems and save thousands of dollars. We at Silver Eagle offer the following our professional staff will instruct you on how to service your dwelling for bed bugs. We have in-house and video training programs available. We will sell you materials needed to apply. We will rent you all needed equipment to rid your home or commercial property of bed bugs. We have steam machines available, extraction devices available and commercial bed bug dryers. Any bed bug-infested items that cannot or should not be chemically treated, can be brought to our facility, at which time we will put them in our heat machines and eradicate bed bugs and their egg capsules. Our professional staff with 41 plus years of experience and experts in treating for bed bugs will show you how to DO IT YOURSELF….